Shading Techniques III

Learn about the technical, artistic, and practical aspects of noise when texturing and creating effects in Houdini
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About This Course

Leverage the Power of Noise!

 Shading Techniques III primarily focuses on the usage of noises when texturing and shading. The course is full of technical concepts but also offers plenty of practical advice on how to best integrate noises into a professional workflow. We begin by examining the most commonly used terms - followed by the application of that knowledge within the wizard tower scene. Once we've had practice replicating what is seen through reference, the course then switches things up by exploring the artistic application of noises. Rather than focusing on making something specific, the goal is to improvise and adapt to ideas which occur when playing around with noises. The course then ends the shading series by exploring miscellaneous topics and professional advice for further development. By the end - you'll have everything you need to know to make informed decisions when shading and texturing.


You'll need to understand the basics in Houdini before following along in this course.


2 Hours 26 Min

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