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Shading Techniques II

Improve your texture painting workflow with Substance Painter and Houdini
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About This Course

Integrate Effective Texture-Painting Workflows

Shading Techniques II is a course that examines how to effectively incorporate a texture-painting workflow. The course begins with examining the pros & cons of a UV/Bitmap workflow and follows these ideas with an examination of the most important UV techniques. From the wizard tower scene, we'll be practicing with a skull model. Once UVed, we'll then bring the skull into Substance Painter where I'll talk about considerations and advice for our texturing decisions. We'll then bake out maps from Houdini and follow this up with layering our ideas in Substance. The end of the course focuses on file management and rendering out the final image for the skull.


No need to be a Houdini expert here - these lessons are designed to be very understandable. Be sure to visit Houdini for the New Artist before following this course though because we'll be venturing into intermediate topics from time-to-time.


1 Hour 35 min

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Tyler Bay

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