Shading Techniques I

Improve your shading workflow through procedural techniques
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About This Course

Improve your Texturing Strategies & Workflows

Shading Techniques I is the first course in a series that revolves around learning the foundational techniques behind texturing and shading. The workflows presented in part I focus on tri-planar projections, material assignments, and sourcing textures. Redshift is being used for rendering, but it doesn't matter if you're using a different render engine because all the main principles still apply.
 In addition, we also have the wizard tower scene to practice with! This environment is designed to include a wide variety of texturing challenges and opportunities. Along the way, you'll learn about how to manage large scenes, work professionally within a pipeline, and make the most of your time through intelligent decision-making.  

Beginner - Intermediate

Shading Techniques is a unique course because it spans between beginner and *almost* advanced level topics.  Make sure you've visited the basics first before watching this course


Approx. 2 Hrs 30 min

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Tyler Bay

Lead Instructor and Owner of CG Forge
Tyler Bay is an experienced 3D artist who founded CG Forge in 2019.  Before establishing CG Forge, he spent many years working as a freelancer in film, online education, advertisement, biomedical animation, virtual reality, graphic design, and product visualization industries.  Tyler aims to keep courses simple, thorough, and straight-to-the-point - which has become the heart and soul of what CG Forge is all about.  That goes a long way towards ensuring that the skills you learn are applicable towards meeting production challenges while offering you the best courses and resources to reach your goals.