Vex Foundations II

Take your Vex skills to the next level by learning about conditional statements, arrays, and various looping methods
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About This Course

Simplify Complex Concepts in Vex

This course is focused on taking your vex abilities to the professional level. You'll be learning about conditional statements, arrays, for-loops, while-loops, do-loops, and foreach-loops in a way that's both thorough and accessible . Just like Vex Foundations I, we'll start off with theory, move on to practical application, and then finish with a variety of exercises which are designed to solidify your abilities and get you coding on your own. This course is generally more advanced, but if you're someone with basic vex knowledge, you should be able to follow along just as well. 


Be sure that you understand how to use Houdini because the concepts in this course are more advanced.  Throughout these videos, I'll assume that you already know Houdini fairly well.


2 Hours 42 Min

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