Vex Foundations I

Learn how to code with vex through theory, application, and practice
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About This Course

Learn Vex The Easy Way

Vex is a coding language native to Houdini, and with it, you can accomplish almost any task in VFX. This course aims to make the learning process easier by teaching the subject in a way that you won't find anywhere else. To start things off, we'll begin with a combination of theory and basic demonstration that carefully builds one idea on top of the next until you hold a deeper understanding on what's going on.
     Once this is established, we'll then create a particle effect that utilizes vex in a practical way so that you can get an idea of how it applies to a production scenario. Finally, the last portion of the course is dedicated towards a wide variety of exercises that help you practice vex in a way that truly solidifies the main ideas and prepares you for more complex tasks in the future.


No need to be a Houdini expert here - these lessons are designed to be very understandable. 


3 Hours 27 min

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Tyler Bay

Teacher, Artist, and Owner of CG Forge
Tyler Bay is an experienced 3D artist who founded CG Forge and has also worked in film, advertisement, biomedical animation, virtual reality, graphic design, and product visualization.  He aims to keep courses simple, thorough, and straight-to-the-point.  All that goes a long way towards ensuring that the skills you learn are applicable towards meeting production challenges while offering you the best courses.