Hair & Fur I

Groom and style your furry creations
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Groom with Confidence

Hair and Fur I is a course that's designed to help you get up-to-speed with the grooming tools in Houdini while demonstrating some unique and useful techniques along the way.  We'll also be shading, lighting, and rendering with both Karma and Redshift.  By the end of the course, you'll have a strong grasp on what it takes to make a professional looking groom using Houdini.


All topics covered here are generally beginner friendly, but it's worth establishing the basics in Houdini For the New Artist and Vex Foundations first.


Approx. 6 Hours

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Tyler Bay

Lead Instructor and Owner of CG Forge
Tyler Bay is an experienced 3D artist who founded CG Forge in 2019.  Before establishing CG Forge, he spent many years working as a freelancer in film, online education, advertisement, biomedical animation, virtual reality, graphic design, and product visualization industries.  Tyler aims to keep courses simple, thorough, and straight-to-the-point - which has become the heart and soul of what CG Forge is all about.  That goes a long way towards ensuring that the skills you learn are applicable towards meeting production challenges while offering you the best courses and resources to reach your goals.