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Object Merge

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The Object Merge is designed to import geometry from one or more networks to another.

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    The object merge is great to use when you have geometry in other sop networks that you'd like to import into another sop network.

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Main Parameters:

Number of Objects:

In this section, you can press the "+" icon to add more objects to the list of things that you'd like to import.  In addition to any object path, you have the option of specifying a group of points/prims.  The "Expand Group _" option lets you expand the group to an extra row of primitives.


--  If you have animation occurring at the top geo level of a sop network, then this allows you to bring in that transformation data.  "None" will ignore any obj-level geo network animation.  "Into This Object" will bring in obj-level animation and it apply it to the the current sop network.  (In other words, you're now listening to the obj-level animation).  "Into This Object" is unique in that it applies the transforms to a specific object in your network, and then it imports that result.  In most cases, you don't need to concern yourself with "Into This Object."

Invert Transform:

--  Take the inverse transform values when applying it to an object

Create Point Groups:

--  This will create a point group based on which object merge it belongs to.  In other words, imagine if you import multiple objects.  These point groups will relate to which object was imported starting with an index of zero.... ex: imported-object_0, imported-object_1, etc...

Point Group Prefix:

--  This controls the naming of the point groups mentioned above.

Primitive Groups/Prefix:

--  Same thing as above, except now you're doing prim groups.

Verbose Group Names:

--  The groups generated above will now have a "verbose" name.  This means that the path to the object is included in the group name.

Add Suffix to First Group:

--  This adds a "_0" to the end of the first group

Create per-point/per-primitive path:

--  Instead of creating groups which describe which merge an object belongs to, it will create an attribute.

Pack Geometry before Merging:

--  In general, I would advise against using this parameter, and instead explicitly use the "Pack" or "Assemble" sop.  For more information about packed primitives, please visit Destruction I.