The Node Bible

An encyclopedia of useful Houdini Nodes

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About The Node Bible

Useful Node References

The Node Bible acts like an encyclopedia for Houdini nodes!  Often times the user manual is difficult to understand and doesn't do a good job at explaining things.  The node bible aims to fix that problem.  As you watch other tutorials on CG Forge, be sure to look out for links that send you towards chapters within the Node Bible. Check out the first couple entries for free to get started.

Just so you know!  -  The Node Bible is set at a very high flat price because this course is ever-changing.  New entries are constantly being added, so that's why the flat price is higher than other courses.  As always though, you can unlock affordable access via a resources subscription or any of the full access options.

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The Node Bible is offered at a flat price of $5000 for permanent access.  This provides access for all current and future entries.  About 50 new entries can be expected every year, and this price is designed for primarily for studios who want permanent access.  

The Node Bible is also offered to subscribers.  For most people, this is the option you'll want because it's much more affordable.  Browse subscriptions by clicking the button below: