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The Mirror SOP will mirror your geometry along an axis
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The mirror sop is the ideal node to use when mirroring geometry in Houdini.  If you try mirroring geometry without this node, then you'll need to deal with the complexities that are involved with fusing points, reversing winding orders, reversing normals, and so-on.  So, this handy little node simplifies the process.

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General Parameters:


-- This allows you to select which areas you’d like to mirror. For more info on groups, please visit the Group Node Bible entry.


-- This is asking you for the X,Y,Z position where the mirror will take place. To adjust this value, make sure that the multi-widget tool is selected (look at the left-hand side of the screen right above the snapping magnet buttons). Then, once the multi-widget tool is selected, move it around in your viewport and these values will change.


-- This provides an extra distance away from the mirroring position. In most cases, you won’t need to adjust this, however, if you need some extra distance away from the mirroring location, then this could be useful.


-- This specifies the direction (In X,Y,Z) that the mirror will occur. 

Reverse Normals:

-- When mirroring geometry, it’s common for the normals (direction which the faces are facing towards) to become inverted. This parameter fixes that issue. You also have the ability to specifically invert only U or V as well. This may be useful when mirroring curves.

Keep Original:

-- This toggle will ether delete or keep the original mesh that is being mirrored.

Consolidate Seam:

-- This will fuse the points together at the mirrored location. The number is describing how far the point should look (in meters) when trying to fuse points together.

Output Group:

-- This will create a group that is assigned to mirrored pieces.  

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