Copy and Transform

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Copy and Transform

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The Copy and Transform will copy an object a certain number of times while transforming each instance by a certain amount.

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   The Copy and Transform is useful when you don't want to deal with the hassle of the copy to points node.  It's also really useful for its output groups and instance ids.

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Main Parameters:

Source Group:

-  Specifies a group which is to be copied and transformed.  This group can be created using the group sop, or by selecting individual point/prim ids in the viewport by clicking on the arrow adjacent to the dropdown icon.  Keep in mind that the "Pack and Instance" option will not work properly if you decide to use groups.

Source Group Type:

-  Be sure that you specify the proper group type here.

Total Number:

-  The specifies the total number of objects which are made (including the original geo).

Pack and Instance:

-  Creates packed geometry.  For more information about packed geometry, please visit Destruction I.  It is recommended that you pack your geometry before using the copy and transform with this parameter unchecked.  The reason for this is because it's better to preserve the path attribute while having control over any promoted attributes/groups.

Transform Parameters:

--  Here you can translate, rotate, scale, or apply shear to an object.  For more information about transformations, please visit Quaternions and Matrices.

Output Group Prefix:

--  If you would like your primitives to belong to a unique group for each instance, you can do so with this parameter checked on.

Copy Number Attribute:

-  This creates a prim attribute which captures a unique id for each instance.