Each subscription option unlocks access to all content at CG Forge - including courses, node bible entries, weekly wrangle videos, and future releases.

1 Month Access

  This option is perfect for casual users who would like full access to CG Forge

   Monthly Access does not include any one-on-one video calls with your instructor.

4 Month Access

$525    $349
  This option is perfect for users who want full access to CG Forge + a free 45 minute call to offer personalized help when learning Houdini.

  This option includes one 45 minute call with your instructor through CG Forge Academy.

  Save $176 
-  When compared to 1 Month Access (x4) + 45 minute CG Forge Academy session

12 Month Access

$1704    $999
  This option is ideal for serious users who want the most from CG Forge.  This option also offers the best value over time and includes multiple one-on-one calls for personalized help when learning Houdini.

  This option includes four, 45 minute calls with your instructor through CG Forge Academy

  12 month access also makes you eligible to receive an education license for Houdini.  For more info on this, visit this link

  Save $908
-  When compared to 1 Month Access plan (x12) + four 45 minute CG Forge Academy sessions + an education license of Houdini (instead of indie)
Keep in mind that your subscription will automatically renew at the end of each subscription period.  For information on how to cancel your subscription, visit the FAQ section below.
Please note that all sales are final and no refunds will be offered.

  Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change or cancel my subscription? 

Canceling or changing your subscription is super-easy.  All you have to do is go to your account settings and select "Visit Account" on the homepage.  Or you can go to the top menu under "Me" and select "Account"
Next, go to "Cancel Subscription"
That's it!  You'll still retain access for the remainder of what you've already paid for.  When the next billing cycle occurs, you will not be automatically charged.

If you'd like to change your plan, you can do so by using the "change subscription" field below the cancel subscription button.

How does the 45 minute, online calls work?

If you subscribe to the 4 or 12 month options, you are entitled to one or more online calls with Tyler.  Coupons to CG Forge Academy are not automatically generated, so please send a friendly reminder to if you haven't received your coupon within one week of your subscription.

Once you have your coupon, you can then visit to pick a time and date for your session.  The coupon code can be applied at checkout, and you'll then be good to go!

Do the 45 minute calls expire?

Nope!  Once you have a coupon for a 45 minute call, it will not expire.  If your subscription renews under the year or 4 month option, then be sure to email for another coupon or use the contact page.  These codes are unique for each student, so they need to be manually generated when subscriptions are created and/or renewed.

Does CG Forge offer refunds?

No refunds are offered at CG Forge.  By subscribing, you agree that it is your responsibility to manage your subscription preferences.

What happens if CG Forge changes the price of the subscription plans in the future?

If you're already subscribed, then nothing will change.  The price you subscribed to is the price you will pay so long as you remain subscribed.

However, if you decide to unsubscribe and re-subscribe later, then the price will reflect whatever plans are available at the time of subscribing.

How does studio licensing work?

For studio licensing, please contact Tyler directly at

How does CG Forge store my credit card information?

All transactions are processed through Stripe - a major online payment platform.  Many other companies use Stripe as well such as Amazon, Target, Google, Lyft, Zoom, and much more.  For additional information, feel free to visit Stripe at

How often is new content posted on CG Forge?

Quality is at the heart of CG Forge courses.  This means that some courses may take longer than others.  Generally speaking, courses will usually take anywhere between 30 days and 3 months to create - depending on the topic.  If you have any specific requests on what you'd like to see in the CG Forge catalog, feel free to send Tyler a message - and your preferences will be taken into account when the next course is being made.