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Color Management

Drastically Improve the Quality of Your Renders
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About This Course

Color Management is the difference between pro and amateur work

This means that every 3D artist needs to understand and utilize both linear workflow and ACEs color management to get the most from their renders.  In this course, we simplify the topic for the Houdini artists through theory and application.  Along the way, you'll meet Harold the hawk while exploring what it means to texture, light, and render your scene properly.  At the end of the course, I've also provided additional links and recommended resources that will set you off the right direction for further study.


A basic understanding of Houdini and CG is assumed throughout this course.  Be sure to follow the Houdini for The New Artist series before taking this course.


Approx 1 Hour 10 Min

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Tyler Bay

Lead Instructor and Owner of CG Forge
Tyler Bay is an experienced 3D artist who founded CG Forge in 2019.  Before establishing CG Forge, he spent many years working as a freelancer in film, online education, advertisement, biomedical animation, virtual reality, graphic design, and product visualization industries.  Tyler aims to keep courses simple, thorough, and straight-to-the-point - which has become the heart and soul of what CG Forge is all about.  That goes a long way towards ensuring that the skills you learn are applicable towards meeting production challenges while offering you the best courses and resources to reach your goals.