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Why CG Forge?

High-Quality Content in One Place

There's no shortage of free videos & resources out there, but it's often difficult to find quality content in one place.  Relying on free content means that you'll waste a lot of time going through videos, websites, and documents which may or may not be great, suited to your level, or what you're looking for.  At CG Forge, you don't need to worry about that because everything is held to a higher standard of excellence.  This allows you to concentrate your time and studies more effectively.  Spend more time getting better and less time scrolling through google searches to get what you need.


Excellent courses are thorough, understandable, and straight-to-the-point.  At CG Forge, we believe that a professional course means more than a pretty render.  It's also about how you learn.  You won't find cheap microphones, random pauses, irrelevant ideas, drawn out "ummms," mono-tone lectures, or anything else that makes it difficult to keep your focus.  All those little differences add up to a lot when you're spending hours of time going through videos, and that's what make us professional.

Made for You - A Connected Curriculum 

There's something for everybody. New users will find tutorials that don't leave them behind.  Pro users will find detailed explanations and useful workflow ideas that are directly applicable to modern production challenges.  Plus, courses are designed to relate to one-another.  That means you can build your skills gradually at whatever level you're currently at.

Affordable, Secure, & Flexible

CG Forge gives you the option to subscribe or permanently own your content.  Subscriptions are super-affordable, they offer discounts for 3, 6, or 12 month billing periods, and you can cancel at any time.  For those who prefer to permanently own their courses instead, a flat fee is also an option for each course.  This gets processed through Stripe - an internationally secure payment platform.

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