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CG Forge is an online Houdini school that provides high quality courses, quick-tips, resources, and mentorships that are designed to help you improve your skills while accomplishing your career goals.

Quality & Consistency

There are many courses and tutorials that teach Houdini, but not all are created the same.  It takes a lot of time, experience, and skill to create an ideal experience for learning.  This quality and consistency ultimately saves you time and hassle as you're reaching your goals.


You'll also find resources that go beyond what you find in other platforms.  This includes the "Node Bible" -  which contains a vast number of quick tips and simplified explanations to common nodes and parameters.

A Curriculum for You

In addition to premium Houdini courses, you can book professional consultations and mentorships through CG Forge Academy. This allows your studies to be personally designed for your goals.  It's better than college & workshops because it's all about You ... rather than the group.

For Pros and Beginners Alike

At CG Forge, you'll find everything you need to reach your goals.  For new users, you'll find simplified explanations to help you learn Houdini - plus - everything you need to grow and reach a professional level of proficiency.  For experienced users, you'll find novel techniques and resources that come in handy for a variety of situations.


Hours of Refined, High-Quality Video

Course Enrollments

CG Forge is used by artists across the industry

Here's how it works:

Register for free and watch the intro course

For anyone new to Houdini, you can start learning for free by watching Houdini for the New Artist.

Unlock CG Forge

Once you register, you'll be able to subscribe or buy courses at a flat price. All courses are unlocked if you stay subscribed, and if you buy at a flat price, then it's yours forever.

Develop Skills and Customize Your Experience

As you're watching courses and building your skills, you'll also want to customize your experience with one-on-one video calls through CG Forge Academy.  This allows you to meet with your teacher to help guide you in the right direction. 


What makes CG Forge stand out is superior quality, customized learning, and affordability that you won't find anywhere else.

For existing professionals, you'll discover new techniques, workflows, and ways to save you time during production.  For new artists, you have everything you need to expand your knowledge and future opportunities.


"I have been learning Houdini for more than a year now and have done multiple courses. All of these other courses are pretty good, but yours is the best for learning Houdini in-depth.

Even though I had a good basis in Houdini I went back and did all of your beginner tutorials. This helped me to become more confident with working within Houdini. I will recommend your courses to anyone in my network."

-- Alulla Alemayehu  --
Freelance 3D Generalist
"Thank you Tyler!   I really loved and enjoyed this course. It is by far the hardest but most engaging course I’ve done. I've LEARNED more about pyro than I ever did than with any other tutorial or course I’ve done."

-- Donnell Henry --
Film Maker, VFX Artist, Editor
"Man, thanks a lot for your training, thanks to you I am finally starting learning Houdini! Your approach to teach Houdini is way different and the best available. Not kidding, trying long time ago to introduce into Houdini without success, and finally, finally I am inside with less fear!"

 -- Kennedy Torcatt --
VFX Artist, 3D Generalist

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Affordable & Flexible


At CG Forge, you can unlock all content with  subscriptions.  This offers you the flexibility to study whichever Houdini topics you'd like - all in one convenient place.

Flat Price

For those who prefer to permanently own their courses, there is a flat price option as well.  Any additional updates to a course will be included with flat price purchases.


Discounts are available for those who subscribe in 4 or 12 month intervals.  Plus, you can also gain free one-on-one sessions with your instructor.
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Your Privacy & Data Are Protected

Advanced Processing

All payment info is processed securely using Stripe - a lead payment processing platform used by some of the largest businesses in the world.

Your Data is Never Sold or Shared

It's not cool when businesses sell other people's data to other companies.  You'll never need to worry about that with CG Forge because all your information is secure.

State of the Art Encryption

All information in CG Forge is protected through advanced, industry-leading encryption and fraud prevention tools.
additional features

A Better Platform


Certifications are offered to students who  combine CG Forge courses with CG Forge Academy.  Both beginner and advanced certifications are available.

Course Player Links

One of the coolest features on CG Forge is the option to utilize course player links.  As nodes are introduced, you'll see links appear in the course player directing you to additional resources to further your study.

Get Help When You Need It

At some point or another, we all get stuck on a problem.  Fortunately, that's where CG Forge can help!  All chat forms and e-mails are checked daily and help is part of your subscription and/or flat purchase.